February 04 2018, 02:41 pmFrance TV program widget update 
The France TV program widget has been updated to include the new names of the TF1 group's channels (TFX and TF1 Séries Films) and to include the logos of the channels of the France Télévision group.

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September 03 2017, 12:00 pmGoogle Apps icon is back 
Following the request of several people, I put back the button allowing direct access to the Google applications. It was removed in version 2.0.

By the way, I added some additional icons, including Wikipedia and Facebook.

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August 27 2017, 10:55 amv2.0 of interestuff is online 
After many months to develop this new version, I am very happy to release my version 2.0!

I have work hard to reduce the loading time of widgets as munch as possible, I hope you will enjoy.

Interestuff is now compatible with mobile phones (Android, iPhone) or tablets.
Widgets are automatically resized based on the size of the screen.
I encourage you to test interestuff on your mobile phone, I am very proud of it and I cannot do without now :)

The site switched to HTTPS, which guarantees more security in the transmission of data over the Internet.
And the interestuff web server is now http/2.0 to improve the speed of loading pages.

So, I let you discover this new version.
In case of a bug, you can write a message on this news or on facebook.

And thanks for using interestuff ...

View / Add comments has moved to a new server;)
This is a prerequisite step before the arrival of the version 2.0 of the site...

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May 07 2016, 07:09 pmGoogle searches are faster 
Integration of Google search engine has been improved and searches are now faster ;)
And you can still select another search engine when you need them.

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April 24 2016, 05:00 pmNew server for has moved to a new server;)
Performances of the site are much better and I hope you'll enjoy...

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April 09 2016, 03:05 pm 
March 19 2016, 02:36 pmSeveral new "Mutliple feeds" added 
Several new "Mutliple feeds" have been added:
- Le Parisien and 20 minutes in French
- Die WELT, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Der Tagesspiegel in German

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December 20 2015, 12:00 am5 new background images 
5 new background images have been added to customize your page.

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September 27 2015, 12:00 amImprovement of French TV program 
For French users, I improved the program TV widget: - by changing the data provider that was sometime broken - by adding TV chains of the TNT HD (HD1, 6Ter, RMC découverte…)

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April 05 2014, 05:00 pmImprovement of Bookmarks widget 
Bookmarks widget has been improved. It is now faster and displays icons of your favorite web-sites.

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March 30 2014, 03:35 pmImprovement of Google Calendar widget 
You can now add two additional calendars that will be displayed at the same time as your primary calendar.

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March 25 2014, 03:40 pmRSS feed of 
Interstuff has now his own RSS feed, you can use it to be informed when a new functionalities is released...

You can directly embedded this feed in you interestuff page, by choosing your language here:

Or click in the RSS link present in the footer of all the page of the site.

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March 24 2014, 10:00 amMultiple-feeds widgets 
A new type of widget is now available on interestuff: the multiple-feeds ;)

I have create multiple-feeds for the the main newspapers of US, France and Germany. Don't hesitate to forward me the multiple-feeds you looking for, I can quickly add it ;)

You will see also that widgets directory page has been the totally redesigned.
The directory now offer the possibility to do many filter in a more visual way.

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March 16 2014, 06:30 pmRSS feed widget improvements 
RSS feed widget have been improved... You can now choose to display the picture attached to each article (if pictures are available in the feed). Pictures are also better integrated inside the widget.

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March 09 2014, 04:00 pmNew calculator widget 
A new widget... A calculator with all basic math functions, and even more :)

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March 01 2014, 06:20 pmWidget Gmail 
The Gmail widget is now available.
View your Gmail inbox in your interestuff page.

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Language selection: small update on the page header: you can now change the language from the user menu (when connected) or by clicking on the flag (when not connected).

Widgets auto refresh: if you look at the left of the page footer, you will see an auto refresh counter. After 15min, the content of widgets is automatically refreshed (when you move again the mouse inside the page).

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January 05 2014, 05:30 pmQuestion? 
What are the missing widgets or features that you looking for on
Please, fell free to express yourself to guide future developments and changes on the site ;)

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January 01 2014, 12:00 pmHappy New Year 2014 wish you all the best for this new year!
I hope that 2014 will be the year of all your successes.

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December 16 2013, 04:05 pmNew search bar 
I have totally redesigned the search bar of ;)
You can now directly execute a search on google Images, Maps, News, Wikipedia or Youtube...
You have just to select a search engine, type the text to search and click on the search button (or simply press "Enter").

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December 01 2013, 06:30 pm"Wikipedia search" widget 
A new "Wikipedia search" widget is available. You can use it to complete your search on Wikipedia from your interestuff page.
To use this widget, click on this link

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November 30 2013, 12:20 pmTranslations improvement 
Translations of interestuff have been improved. Many thanks to denkwerkstatt ( ) for his work.
Now German, Spanish, Italian and English versions of interestuff are better quality.

If you still detect a mistake or something not translated, you can contact me with this form

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November 27 2013, 10:00 pmDigital clock widget 
Adding of another new widget with a digital clock and the date of the day.
I hope that you will enjoy it, you can add it from this link

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November 24 2013, 04:15 pmDictionary & Translator widgets 
The "Dictionary & Translator" widgets based on have been improved to give you more languages and features.
You can now choose between many languages and have the definition, synonyms and conjugations in some languages.

This widget is available in EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, PT and you can add it to your interestuff page from the link below:

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November 23 2013, 05:00 pm"Google Maps" widget improvement 
I have improved the Widget "Google Maps" to add weather data.
If you click on the weather icons inside the map, you can have weather forecast for next days.

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November 23 2013, 10:15 amImprovement of RSS feeds widget 
I have increased the number of stories that you can display in the RSS feed widget.
You can now see up to 15 stories.

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November 19 2013, 10:20 pmSticky Note widget 
A new widget "Sticky Note" is available on interestuff...
You can use it to keep in mind the subjects that you don't want to forget ;)

And you can customize the background color of the note according your priority...

Add it to your interestuff page by this direct link:

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November 16 2013, 06:40 pmGoogle links 
I added a special google Apps button on top of interestuff page.
You can directly access to your favorites google services thru this button.

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November 11 2013, 05:00 pmBookmark widget is there 
The widget to manage your bookmarks from your interestuff page is there...
I have worked hard to deliver a user friendly tool: you can add bookmark, delete it, modify it and move it (via drag and drop).

I will add a functionnality for classify bookmarks by folder in a near futur, but i don't know how design the widget for the moment... I'm waiting for your idea or advice ;)

You can add the widget from this page:

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November 09 2013, 07:19 pmNews page 
I have created a news page to keep you informed on each evolutions of

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November 08 2013, 06:30 pmAdd comments on widgets 
You can now share between users by adding comments on widgets.
From the widgets directory, simply click on the title of the widget and you will arrive on the personnal page of the widget (see attached screen capture).

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November 03 2013, 06:27 pmA series of new widgets for French people 
A series of new Widgets for French:
- 2 directory widgets : yellow pages / white pages and a reverse directory

- A dictionary, translator French / English, and much more ...

- And to finish a small clock

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November 03 2013, 11:00 amNew widget for German TV program 
A new widget is available:
German TV tonight 20:15 clock: What tonight on TV. Your TV program guide.

You can find it at

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November 02 2013, 10:05 amNew theme page 
I have redesigned the theme page: You can now choose between uni-colored or image background

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November 01 2013, 12:15 pmNew widget "Webcam Live" 
igoogle is now closed... You are all welcome on interestuff

And you can try the new "Live webcam widget" who offer you the possibility to see the webcam you want.
You cant find it at the end of the Essentials widgets page

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October 27 2013, 10:00 pmSearch tab 
Search results are now fully integrated into a dedicated new tab.

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October 26 2013, 04:00 pm7 new background images 
I added 7 background images that you can use in your personal page.
Use the "Change theme" button to test them...

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October 26 2013, 02:00 pmNew interestuff header style 
I have changed a bit the header style of interestuff...
i hope you will enjoy it

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Search engine of interestuff has now an embedded autocomplete feature.

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October 21 2013, 05:00 pmWidget "Google Agenda" available 
You can now view your google Calendar on your interestuff page. To do this, simply use the new Widget "Google Calendar - Agenda" available here

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October 19 2013, 06:00 pmWidget "Google News" available 
I have added à Widget "Google News" which is similar to thé Google version. You can find it in the category Essential to this address

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October 18 2013, 06:05 pmWidget "Google Maps" available 
I also added a Widget "Google Maps" to quickly view a map and the traffic jam. You can find it in the category Essential to this address

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October 12 2013, 10:00 is online opened its doors since September 30, 2013.
This is an alternative to igoogle that will close on November 1rst.

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