August 27 2017, 10:55 amv2.0 of interestuff is online 
After many months to develop this new version, I am very happy to release my version 2.0!

I have work hard to reduce the loading time of widgets as munch as possible, I hope you will enjoy.

Interestuff is now compatible with mobile phones (Android, iPhone) or tablets.
Widgets are automatically resized based on the size of the screen.
I encourage you to test interestuff on your mobile phone, I am very proud of it and I cannot do without now :)

The site switched to HTTPS, which guarantees more security in the transmission of data over the Internet.
And the interestuff web server is now http/2.0 to improve the speed of loading pages.

So, I let you discover this new version.
In case of a bug, you can write a message on this news or on facebook.

And thanks for using interestuff ...

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57535pascal10011958 - November 07 2017, 08:32 pm

installé sur mon smartphone, j'ai donc mon Google-agenda directement sous la main comme sur mon PC, aucun dépaysement.